About Us

Hello! Welcome to Bento Wax Co, home of the best smelling sushi since 2016! Bento Wax Co is a company that was started in the bay window of Courtney Roth's kitchen in July 2016. After a short 6 months of there being no sign of things slowing down, the Bento team quickly grew, and shop was packed up out of Courtney's house and into Bento Wax Co's first commercial property.

We are proud to say we're an all female team still based out of Raleigh, North Carolina and we all share a love and passion for all things that smell good. We take our infatuation of East Asian pop culture and belief that home fragrance and body care is good for the mind and body, then we roll the two into a fun and original combination. 


Our Team

Courtney Roth 

Owner, Founder, and Operator

Courtney is the creative mastermind behind the company, with a lot of help from her husband Tom, and believe it or not her two kids, who tend to be the brain power/inspiration of scents as well. Courtney is a veteran and was a Air Traffic Controller in the Army, then later worked for 7 years in retail from Retail Associate up to Management. After the birth of her second child she realized she needed to make a career change. Using the skills she learned and passions she realized from working in retail, she decided to open Bento Wax Company. Courtney now gets to do what she loves, and is able to be the wife and mother her family needs her to be.